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Trying to define Manolo Blahnik’s design means trying to define the work of an ever-evolving artist. Every season is a little different, but a sophisticated and moderate heel balance is one thing he always maintains. The design is often characterized by a slim and slender stiletto – not too tall – Blahnik insists that the perfect heel height for women is actually two inches. “It’s easy to walk and you still have body movements,” he explained. “The rest are cartoon shoes. They are beautiful in the picture but you can’t walk.” If you are looking for advice on how to walk in high heels, Blahnik says no. “Get a husband to help you when you fall. Husbands are good because you can tell them, ‘Do this, do that.’ Women have to be really tough right now. Indeed, but they have to be tougher with men. Men are really weak. “